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An ongoing analysis of weather modification operations is conducted by Dr. Arquimedes Ruiz-Columbiť of Texas Tech University. He uses the well known weather modification program TITAN to compare seeded storms versus unseeded storms. Using the data provided by the radar while adjusting precipitation totals to those from satellite and rain gauges, Dr. Ruiz-Columbiť is able to provide a measurement of trend that the seeding provides. Since 2004, the WTWMA has increased precipitation by roughly 16% across its target area. This translates into a 2.25" increase leading towards an additional 1.27 million acre-feet of water per year. However, please remember that the process of cloud seeding is a long term water management strategy. Here is the WTWMA analysis for the last 5 years. For data from 2002-2009, please email meteorologist@wtwma.com or see the graphs below.

Seasonal reports are very large. Please request final reports by emailing meteorologist@wtwma.com.

WTWMA Analysis (2010-2016)

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