**The 2014 Operations Season has started. The August monthly report is now available. The September 23rd
 Operations Report is also available.**

**View the CoCoRaHS Website and learn how to record your rainfall on a national network.**

**Click HERE for Daily Operations Information for the Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association**


2014 Daily Operations

Summary of daily operations include reports given by Meteorologist for each rain enhancement
operation. Included in the reports are time and location of operations, cloud targets and a
overview of the synoptic and mesoscale meteorology conditions. Also included in this link
is a link to view operational images included 24 hour rainfall and flight tracks.


Satellite & Radar Page

his page will link you to the WTWMA TITAN radar image which shows
real time radar feed and flight tracks while operations are being conducted. Also
included are some of the meteorologist favorite links for radar and satellite imagery.

Forecast Page

The forecast page is updated on week days before 9 PM CST. Included is a
detailed 3 day forecast with technical discussion. All temperature readings are
for San Angelo, Texas


Climate Page

The climate page contains the monthly and annual precipitation totals
across the area and also a deeper look into the temperature and
precipitation trends within the region. 

Analysis and Research

The analysis and research page provides links to WTWMA annual
analysis as well as analysis conducted for the TWMA. Also
conducted within the state of Texas.


Related Links of Interest

Here you can find links to other Texas Weather Modification Association programs and their
respected radar images. You will also find links to other weather modification and atmospheric

sciences websites and Associations.


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